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iOS 13+ (CoreNFC is required), Xcode 12.5.1+ SDK can be imported to a project with target version iOS 11, but it will be able to work only from iOS 13.


Configure your app to detect NFC tags. Turn on Near Field Communication Tag Reading under the Capabilities tab for the project’s target (see Add a capability to a target).

When you adding Near Field Communication Tag Reading capability, Xcode generates entries in *.entitlement file. You should check that there are only the Tag string in array. Otherwise AppStore will reject your build when you try to upload it.


Add the NFCReaderUsageDescription key as a string item to the Info.plist file. For the value, enter a string that describes the reason the app needs access to the device’s NFC reader:

<string>To scan NFC smart cards</string>

In the Info.plist file, add the list of the application identifiers supported in your app to the ISO7816 Select Identifiers (AIDs) information property list key. The AIDs of Tangem cards are: A000000812010208 and D2760000850101.


Optional: To prevent customers from installing apps on a device that does not support the NFC capability, add the following to the Info.plist code:



For the Tangem SDK, use the following entry in your Podfile:

pod 'TangemSdk'

Then run pod install.

Import Tangem SDK library:

import TangemSdk

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