Basic usage

Tangem SDK is a library that makes working with Tangem cards as simple as interacting with the usual API with requests and responses. All actions like encoding, decoding, encrypting and decrypting data, handling internal errors, as well as interaction with the user will be performed automatically and developers don't have to take care about it.

The easiest way to use the SDK is to call basic functions that implemented in TangemSdk class. TangemSdk class contains

We recommend to use the only instance of TangemSdk class.

Card ID

An optional cardId argument can be passed to the most of TangemSdk methods. If it was passed, the command can only be executed with the certain card that has a matching cardId. If user uses a card with a different cardId, the SDK will ask the user to tap the correct card. If cardId was not passed, any card can be used.

Error handling

When calling basic methods, there is no need to handle an error and show it to user, since it will be displayed on the NFC popup before it's hidden.

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