cardId <String> Unique Tangem card 16 digits ID number.
batchId <String> Manufacturing batch ID.
cardPublicKey <Data> Public key that is used to authenticate the card against the manufacturer’s database. It is generated one time during card manufacturing.
firmwareVersion <Card.FirmwareVersion> Version of Tangem Card Operation System.
manufacturer <Card.Manufacturer> Information about manufacturer.
issuer <Card.Issuer> Information about issuer.
settings <Card.Settings> Card setting, that were set during the personalization process.
linkedTerminal <Card.LinkedTerminalStatus> This property shows if the card is linked to the current or another terminal.
isAccessCodeSet <Bool> Access code (aka PIN1) is set.
isPasscodeSet <Bool> [Optional] Passcode (aka PIN2) is set. Available only for cards with COS v.1.16 and higher.
supportedCurves Array of <EllipticCurve> Ellipctic curves, supported by this card. Only wallets with these curves can be created.
backupStatus <BackupStatus> Status of card's backup.
wallets Array of <Card.Wallet> Wallets created on the card that can be used to sign data.
attestation <Attestation> Card's attestation report.