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securityDelay <Int> Delay in milliseconds before executing a command that affects any sensitive data or wallets on the card
maxWalletsCount <Int> Maximum number of wallets that can be created for this card.
isSettingAccessCodeAllowed <Bool> Is allowed to change access code.
isSettingPasscodeAllowed <Bool> Is allowed to change passcode.
isRemovingCodesAllowed <Bool> Is allowed to remove both codes.
isLinkedTerminalEnabled <Bool> Is LinkedTerminal feature enabled.
supportedEncryptionModes <[EncryptionMode]> All encryption modes supported by the card
isHDWalletsAllowed <Bool> Is allowed to use hd wallets. If this option is true it's allowed to pass derivation pass to Sign command.
isBackupAllowed <Bool> Is allowed to create backup.